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build buildings so tall these days

Mari B.
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box #2 | When I was young I thought I had my own key I knew exactly what I wanted to be, now I'm sure you've boarded up every door. Lived in a bubble days were never ending, was not concerned about what life was sending, fantasy was real, now I know much about the way I feel. I'll paint you the picture 'cause I don't think you live round here no more. I've never even seen the key to the door. We only get what we will settle for. While we're living the dreams we have as children fade away.
Noel Gallagher, Fade Away
box #3 | They made a statue of us and it put it on a mountain top, now tourists come and stare at us blow bubbles with their gum, take photographs of fun, have fun. They'll name a city after us and later say it's all our fault, then they'll give us a talking to then they'll give us a talking to 'cause they've got years of experience. We're living in a den of thieves rummaging for answers in the pages, we're living in a den of thieves and it's contagious.
Regina Spektor, Us.
box #4 | Checkers
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